Guiding Principles:

We strive for transparency. Here are the most important things we believe about serving your needs.

person first

Whether working on a need for an individual or team, the people we are working with are human beings first and foremost, deserving our utmost care and respect. We will avoid framing behaviors, emotions, or struggles as "bad" or "wrong" and emphasize appropriate replacement behaviors and what our clients can do as a basis for starting services. We celebrate differences and we encourage everyone involved in the behavior change process to have a voice. 


research and data

Our approach will always include research-based and will consider the collective years of experience the team brings to a specific issue or problem. The team will make decisions together based on data collection and analysis. The team will always propose and support use of interventions that are practical for everyday life and feasible for practice. 




We understand your privacy is one of your greatest priorities. Not only are we mandated to keep your records and information 100% confidential at all times, we honor and respect the need for privacy in order to bring about effective change. In order to engage in effective treatment, we want you to feel you and your information is safe at all times.



Safety is of the utmost importance for during any and all sessions. It is crucial that the environment in which everyday interventions takes place is safe and promotes health and wellness for our clients.