Our Story. Our Passion.

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Our Story. Our Passion. 

Who would have thought after 19 years of knowing each other, we’d be business partners? When Nate and I met, he was a hockey-loving, high-schooler and I was a poetry-writing, boy-crazed teenager who was totally in love with his cousin (who now happens to be my husband). Today we are not only friends and (through-marriage) related, we are venturing in uncharted territory to start a business.

Nate had a dream and a vision for walking alongside people who simply need guidance and someone to listen. I worked in the field as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst for 14 years and was eager to create something new: a unified group of professionals offering a variety of services that could meet people's complex, variety of needs. We've started this journey on the heels of significant changes in both our lives. We know, first-hand what it feels like to be in an unpredictable point of life. We couldn't have better planned the irony and meaning behind what we thought would be just a solid name for our business; ZimZum, “the energy between two driving forces to create something new,” has actually come to life as the days and weeks go by and this journey unfolds.

We feel like we are creating something new. We are bringing together a group of solid, extremely knowledgeable, and compassionate professionals. What appears to be a ragtag team of people from various backgrounds, is actually intentional and carefully crafted to build out the services we want to offer people. These are Counselors, BCBAs, Pastors, Advocates, Speech and Language pathologists, etc. who all have 10+ years of experience in the field, but more importantly, have life experience. We are a team of real people who have lived through real-life problems and understand how systems like education, mental health, and business work. We understand adoption and creating a family unit. We understand divorce and separation. We’ve walked with family members with depression and anxiety. We understand the child with special needs and the candy-aisle meltdowns. One of our consultants said it best, “I’ve come to understand I can’t expect things in life because just when you feel comfortable, you have to catch a curveball. Change is the only constant.”

We have big dreams that we can create something that is often attempted but not sustained. Collaboration is nothing new, but we are committed to not work in our own bubbles, to not make families look for help in three different fields, and to not spend time driving to appointments and evaluations instead of simply working on rebuilding critical relationships in their lives. And mostly, we believe collaboration is not just for the team of specialists but works best when it is between the specialist and the client. We believe this is not only better for facilitating change, but also for valuing a family’s time. We want to give a family back the time in their schedule needed to work together.

Lastly, we want you to know we are here.

We want you to know our story. And we can't wait to hear yours.


Written by: Josi Garcia

Josi Garcia is the Co-Founder of ZimZum Consulting Collaboration. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and has experience working with schools and families supporting an individual with special needs.