Depression & Anxiety

Counseling for depression or anxiety starts with meeting with one of our highly trained counselors and telling your story. We listen, ask questions and go from there. No pressure, no judgment, just listening and feedback. Do you or someone you care about have feelings of sadness and/or loss of interest in activities once enjoyed? Have these feelings lasted longer than 2 weeks and come with any of the following risk factors for depression?

Loss of interest or pleasure in activities once enjoyed. Feelings of sadness or depressed mood.            Changes in appetite-weight loss or gain unrelated to dieting.                                                                         Trouble sleeping or sleeping too much.                           Loss of energy or increased fatigue.                           Feeling worthless or guilty.                                           Increase in purposeless physical activity (hand-wringing, pacing).                                                           Slowed movements and speech (observable by others). Difficulty thinking, concentrating or making decisions.   Thoughts of death or suicide.

While the above does not mean a diagnosis of depression, if these symptoms exist and are persistent in your or your loved one’s daily life, it is worth talking to someone and exploring what you are experiencing.  You are not alone, one in fifteen adults are affected by depression in any given year and one in six people will experience depression at some point in their lifetime.  When you seek counseling with us, we aim for you to set goals and increase functioning at home, work, in important relationships, and all aspects of your daily life by increasing coping skills and building your support system.

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