Higher Education Advisement

The first practical step in the journey toward higher education is deciding where to apply, how to apply and what information to highlight. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Navigating the college admission process can be difficult, especially with limited support or lack of “insider” knowledge about the higher education system. Our Higher Ed Consultant understands this and wants to help you discover the tools you need to succeed and make progress toward your chosen academic goals. Our approach is student-centered and strengths-based, meaning we will focus on what you are doing well, and build a foundation from there. We will be there to celebrate when those dreams become a reality, and to help to plan and pivot when necessary. The hard work and dedication it takes to earn a degree will come from you; but we are here to journey with you, help you own your educational experience and make the most of the time you have in higher education through:

College Admissions Strategy & execution

understanding the higher education system and terms

defining academic goals

study skills and tips / time management

study abroad programs

transferring schools or programs

academic probation & grade checks

degree mapping / graduation planning