Nate Agentis

Co-FOUNDER/BUsiness operations management

 Life Guidance Director

Nate grew up in the Lehigh Valley and has a deep passion for promoting the well-being of individuals, families, and organizations. He has 10 years of leadership and management experience at a thriving, multi-million dollar Lehigh Valley service business. Nate has several business degrees and certifications in Management, Market, Seminary, and Hague Training. He is consistently receiving training and seeking information on the crucial elements needed to better the health of an organization and run a business with the highest integrity and ethical model. For the last 8 years, Nate co-pastored and planted a church in the Lehigh Valley. He is well-versed in the organizational structure of a non-profit and moving groups of people toward a common goal. Nate has walked with families and individuals seeking wholeness in heart, soul and mind. He is committed to family, work-life balance and helping others seeking a deeper meaning and purpose in life.

Nate is a husband of 14 years, father of five, ages 3-17, and has navigated the adoption process twice. When not working or spending time with his family and friends, you can usually find him spending time outdoors and enjoying nature.






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Jim Lowe

Senior Life guidance consultant

Jim has a Masters of Divinity and significant experience in church planting and teaching Spiritual Formation and Leadership courses cross-culturally. Jim is a pastor, entrepreneur, and leadership mentor. He is committed to fostering relationships that promote the welfare of the whole community. He believes emotional growth and spiritual formation are best fostered through the collaboration of social networks already existing in a person’s community. Jim is passionate about helping individuals make these connections.

Jim is married and has three children. He enjoys swimming, running, home renovation, and when he has a spare moment, enjoys creating art through painting.


  • Pastoral Care

  • Personal Spiritual Formation

  • Purpose/Meaning of Life

  • Leader mentorship

  • church & community partnership development


Kindra Reed

Aging adult care Consultant

Kindra has worked with the elderly population for over 17 years. She has been a licensed Speech Language Pathologist in various settings, the hospital, education, early intervention, home health, skilled nursing and assisted living. Primarily, her experiences have focused on the Senior population. She has been active in providing therapy and counsel to the adult population and their families during the normal aging process and post stroke, fall, & injury.  She has collaborated with teams in all settings to provide the best services for the aging adults she has served and works tirelessly to ensure a holistic approach. Kindra is committed to helping her client and their family choose safe living situations and make decisions that will benefit them physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Kindra, her husband, Brett and their 3 children have lived in the Lehigh Valley for 15 years. She enjoys playing sports with her kids, coaching her kids sports team and being a second mom to her husband’s college basketball players. She is also actively involved in her church and small group. 


  • Safe Living Arrangements Advisement

  • Level of Care

  • End of Life Planning

  • Family and Aging Parent Mediation

  • Resource Compilation


Melissa Law-Penrose

College Consultant

Melissa has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in International Peace and Conflict Resolution. She has taught and advised college students in higher education institutions in diverse environments, including small liberal arts colleges and a Big Ten University. For the last 10 years, she has advised, taught and mentored students at all stages of their college career including: non-traditional students, students with various academic accommodations, international students, and students with mental health concerns. Melissa has also worked with high school students in recruitment and the admissions process. She is looking forward to working with high school students, college students and their families to help smooth the road of higher education and promote student success.

Melissa spends time with her husband and two children exploring and adventuring outside and supporting the local arts and community development on the weekends and in her free time. 


  • Academic advising

  • understanding the higher education system

  • student mentorship

  • Degree planning

  • study abroad programs

  • transferring students