Self-injury is the purposeful, recurring, spontaneous, non-lethal act of harming oneself. Self-injury is also called: self-harm, self-mutilation or self-abuse. These acts can take many forms:

Cutting                                                                       Scratching                                                                     Burning                                                                     Picking scabs or interfering with wound healing   Punching self or objects                                       Infecting oneself                                                   Inserting objects into body openings                   Bruising or breaking bones                                        Head Banging                                                              Some forms of hair pulling & other forms of bodily harm

Treatment for self-injury will include counseling with our licensed professionals, consultation with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, as well as a customized treatment plan that takes into account the unique situations and story of each client. Success in counseling and behavior therapy for self-injury is marked by people actively involved in and committed to their treatment, an aftercare plan to support new self-management skills and replacement behaviors, as well as collaboration with other involved professionals. 

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