Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event. What is considered a terrible even can be different for everyone. However, some common things that lead to trauma include: assault or personal violence, accident, robbery, natural disaster, death of close relative or friend, etc. Even if after these events there is no physical sign of injury, the person may be very injured emotionally. People experience emotions after trauma in a lot of ways including:

Intense or unpredictable feelings                                   Changes to thoughts and behavior patterns               Sensitivity to environmental factors                         Strained interpersonal relationships                           Stress-related physical symptoms

These symptoms can be present directly following the event or can even come up days, weeks, months or even years afterward. If the event is causing an emotional response that is affecting your daily life, it is never too late to address.                                            

Recovery and healing is possible after a traumatic event. In trauma counseling you will address your emotions around the event and make a plan to move forward with tools to help you cope with those feelings. Our counselors will take into account your goals and specifics around your trauma to design a treatment plan personalized to you and your experience.

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